MYCONIAN PANOPTIS ESCAPE MYKONOS. Lift your eyes to an estate of architectural greatness and witness the epitome of a different perspective to life. Panoptis Escape, evokes your spirit to escape and makes space for your soul to grow.

Imposing and stately, with the harmonious grandeur of a spiritual temple made of luxurious elements, Panoptis Escape is the land where man meets his gods. Magnificently set on a land untouched by the noise of the modern world, protected from the high winds, drenched by the sun, inspired by the Aegean aesthetics with boho rough notes, an enclave of luxury boutique villas casts a call so uniquely echoed above all terrestrial: Breathe deeply, isolate to reflect, meditate and rediscover yourself in the unprecedented wilderness of Mykonos.



MYCONIAN PANOPTIS ESCAPE MYKONOS. Elegant and enchanting, each Panoptis Escape Boutique Villa has been masterfully designed by a team of expert craftsmen to blend upscale living in tune with the natural surroundings. When the complex is reserved in its entity, the result is a standout contemporary villa for 69 persons, uniquely tailored to the refined requirements of each guest particularly.

Extending in a total of 4.400 sq.m of unsurpassed comfort, the jewel and cornerstone of the property, the Panoptis Escape 21-bedroom villa is more than an accommodation in Mykonos, it is a destination on its own.

An exhilarating, soul-stirring destination for demanding groups that seek an intimate space throughout their holidays, with 12 private pools, striking sea views and easy access to their own slice of paradise in Elia beach below.